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Panning & Coating

As a proud supplier to industrial producers nationwide, one of Smet’s focuses includes coating basic products in sugar and/or chocolate. We first started offering “Chocolate Coating” as part of our service offerings back in 2014, and today, we’re able to coat a number of raw materials like crispies, biscuits, raisins, sugar shapes, and more – using the highest quality ingredients and techniques.

We also produce the most common chocolate shapes in a range of sizes, depending on your needs, including Smarties, berries, and more.

We can also assist with the glazing and perfecting of chocolate drops, sequins, chocolate chunks, and beyond.

We continue to do everything in our power to add incredible value to your final decorated products to set your goods apart. While we mainly offer standard coatings, we’d be happy to take on your special order.

Over the years, Smet has evolved into an industry-leader in chocolate processing, supply chain management, and technical service offerings.

Our semi-finished products are critical ingredients used by major food companies worldwide to produce a range of popular cocoa-based food products. Our finished products are adored by a number of retail stores, small bakeries, and companies all across the confectionary industry.

In all we do, we adhere to strict guidelines – from superior metal detection to traceability and EU food labels. We also hold BRC AA & HACCP certification for your peace of mind. We continually strive for innovation in all we do, partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes to expand our empire and change the way the world sees chocolate.


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