• Private Label

    We understand that private labels are required in many situations. We proudly supply quality private label products to the European market.

  • Transport & Logistics

    We take great care to ensure optimal storage of our Smet assortment. Everything is stocked and securely stored in our external warehouse.

  • Research & Development

    Our R&D department’s top priority is customer satisfaction and the development of uniquely tailored products.

  • Co-Manufacturing

    We already have the expertise, resource and staff in place, so let’s start a project together.

  • Tailor Made

    Unlike most “similar” chocolate and decoration suppliers, we are fully able to provide small or large quantities of special products, colours, flavours, and shapes.

  • Transfer Sheets (Printed Chocolate)

    Transfer sheets allow you to put beautiful designs and patterns directly onto the chocolate’s surface.

  • Panning & Coating

    As a proud supplier to industrial producers nationwide, one of Smet’s focuses includes coating basic products in sugar and/or chocolate.

  • Productdesign

    From small chocolate chunks to large drops, and beyond, we maintain flawless communication with our clients to ensure every expectation is exceeded.

  • Natural Colouring & Flavouring

    Unlike many companies of our kind, we provide an unlimited colour palette, where you’ll get up to 6 x colours per sheet – the perfect positioning is guaranteed!

  • Packaging & Mixing

    Our packaging experts are on duty around-the-clock to package your product precisely to your liking. We provide a range of packaging solutions for numerous market chains.