Milk chocolate roses truffle

Milk chocolate roses truffle


– Liquid truffles milk Smet 7139

– Zebra pink six Smet 2107

– Rose leaves Smet 1095

– Milk chocolate Intense 35% Veliche Gourmet 

– Dried raspberry pieces 

Recipe (for 100 truffles)

500 grams Granulated sugar

16,6 centiliters Water

150 grams Rose water 


– Boil the granulated sugar with water to 123°c.

– Remove the pan with sugar syrup from the heat and add the rose water. 

(Tip: if desired, it is also possible to add raspberry aroma. This will give the syrup an extra twist and a different colour. Recipe would then be 125 grams of rose water and 25 grams of raspberry aroma).

– Gently stir the rose water into the sugar syrup. 

– Pour the mass into two basins. 

– Repeat this process continuously until the mass cools down to 30°C. 

– Using a piping bag, squeeze the sugar syrup into the liquid truffles.

– Leave the liquid truffles to stand for 12 hours, in order for a thin crystallisation layer to form. 

Method of decoration

– Fix the Zebra pink sticks in the liquid truffles with a cap of milk chocolate. 

– After the chocolate has hardened, you can put the truffle through a bath of milk chocolate Intense 35%. (Tip: if necessary, add some melted cocoa butter to make the chocolate a little thinner) 

– Before hardening, sprinkle pieces of raspberry crispy over the liquid truffles. Also place a pink leave directly on the truffle. 


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