Dark chocolate “Mojito” truffle

Dark chocolate “Mojito” truffle


– Liquid truffles dark Smet 7136

– Transfer sheet Smet 15024

– Christmas trees Smet 7613 

– Dark chocolate Temptation 64% Veliche Gourmet 

– Lancer Dark pencil Smet 2025


Recipe (for 100 truffles)

375 grams Granulated sugar

125 grams Cane sugar

16,6 centiliters Water (1)


13,5 centiliters Water (2)

15 grams Mint leaves (finely chopped)

5 grams Lime rind




– Boil the granulated sugar and cane sugar with water (1) to 123°c.

– Mix water (2) with the mint leaves and lime rind. 

– Remove the pan with sugar syrup from the heat and add the rose water. 

(Tip: if desired, it is also possible to add mint aroma. This gives a stronger mint flavour. An extra 2 grams of mint aroma may be added to the recipe).

– Stir the mint water (with leaves) gently into the sugar syrup. 

– Sieve the mixture to remove the mint leaves and lime zest from the sugar syrup.

– Pour the mass into two basins. 

– Repeat this process continuously until the mass cools down to 30°C. 

– Using a piping bag, squeeze the sugar syrup into the liquid truffles.

– Leave the liquid truffles to stand for 12 hours, in order for a thin crystallisation layer to form. 


Method of decoration

– Cut the Lancer Dark pencil into 4 equal pieces (4cm). 

– Fix the Lancer Dark pencil (diagonally) in the liquid truffles with a capful of dark chocolate. 

– After the chocolate has hardened, you can put the truffle through a bath of dark chocolate Temptation 64%. 

– Place the truffle directly on the transfer sheet after piercing. 

– (Optional) Before hardening, place two Christmas trees against the pencil stick. This gives you the effect of two small mint leaves. 

– Allow the truffle to harden on the transfer sheet. 


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